Plant-Based Heaven

Updated: Jan 15

When I went vegan in August, I was living out of a van and surviving on Trader Joe's fruits and veggies dipped in hummus. I liked being vegan, but it wasn't anything to write home about.

and yeah... when I say van, I mean minivan. (Shoutout to Donna the whale)

In October, I flew out to Oahu, Hawaii to spend a few months on the North Shore. My travel companion, Michayla, and I lived in a small house in Waialua with four other girls. Our neighboring town, Haleiwa, would soon become my plant based heaven.

Haleiwa is a small surf town on the North Shore. The people are friendly, the turtles are adorable, the surf is big, and the vegan options are abundant. From quinoa bowls, to plant-based ice cream, the North Shore has it all.

If anyone ever tells you being vegan is boring, well, they're wrong.

Seriously, eating has never been more fun...

Here are my all-time favorites:


My picks: The Rainbow Burrito, Love Cakes

Michayla's picks: Burrito Babe, Sourdough bread

Tip: Go in when they open and ask if they have any day old love cakes. They taste just as good but they are 1 dollar instead of 4 dollars.

Also: Request no tinfoil (we made that mistake).


My picks: HoloHolo Sundae, Chambers Sandwich

Compostable plastic bowls but bring your own silverware!

The. Love. Of. My. Life.


My picks: Vegan pizza and a slush

This is such a cute cafe with great vibes to sit and get work done.

After you've finished go upstairs and check out the Green Gypsy thrift shop.


My picks: Blue Majik bowl

Michayla's pick: Chia pudding

This entire shop is plastic free!


My pick: ube/coconut twist

Michayla's pick: ube/coconut twist #twinzies


My pick: Churro bagel!!! It will change your life.

Michayla's pick: "Churro omg is that a question?"

Also: No vegan spreads, and the spreads they do have are in plastic.


Our pick: Vegan burrito with jackfruit

Note: This is THE BEST BURRITO we've ever had. We ate so many of these.

Kanak attack means "the feeling of intense laziness you get from eating too much."

This place is a VIBE.

Ask for the burrito without any tinfoil and no salsa on the side (it will be served in a plastic dish).

Other great options:

Pupukea Grill

My pick: Kalani bowl

Michayla's pick: Coconut Curry Quinoa

Nalu Health Bar

My pick: Monkey Kine Smoothie

Michayla's pick: Nalu Bowl

Sunrise Shack

My pick: Avocado toast

Michayla's pick: Monkey bowl

Down to Earth Cafe

My pick: Beet shake and Down to Earth Burger

Michayla's pick: We always share here #twinziesagain :)

There are a few locations around the island.

It is a grocery store with tons of vegan options and a hot food station.

Sometimes the pastries are wrapped in plastic sadly.


My pick: Regular vegan burrito

Michayla's pick: Wet burrito

If everywhere was like the north shore, we would all be vegan.

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