Plastic-Free Period

Updated: Jan 15

So you're a climate activist, right? But you can't control the fact that you also happen to have a menstrual cycle. And now, as every month rolls around, you dread creating plastic waste with your tampons and pads.

Well. Do. I. Have. A. Solution. For. You.

Menstrual cups.

We need to destigmatize this invention that was sent from the heavens.

Seriously, I started using a menstrual cup last year and I will NEVER go back.

Here are five solid reasons you should test out a menstrual cup:

1. You'll eliminate plastic waste

Once you buy your cup, you will never have to buy tampons or pads again. Think about all the plastic waste that you will be eliminating. You can also pick a company that makes their cups sustainably so you're doing all around good!

2. You'll save money

Is anyone else forced to drop ten dollars on tampons when your bank account is already negative? This might be my favorite part of the menstrual cup. I never again have to dig under my car seats for coins. The cup ranges from about twenty to forty dollars.

3. No more panic of a sudden period

Have you ever been in the middle of a desert with 15 boys when Auntie Flo comes by?

I haven't, but that sounds like a nightmare. The period cup eliminates any panic of not having the supplies you need. You will always be supplied and you will never again have to risk it and see how long you can make your only tampon last.

4. It really isn't like Carrie after the prom!!

I feel like everyone gets super freaked out by the idea of a cup full of blood. But TBH- looking back, a paper soaked tampon is wayyyy sketchier. Seriously the blood doesn't just like, spill out when you take out the cup. You just pull it out and dump the blood into the toilet.

5. If you bleed through a lot, this is your solution.

Before I got my menstrual cup I thought I had the heaviest flow in the world. I would genuinely change my tampon every hour and still manage to bleed through all of my pants. Needless to say, it was horrific and I do not miss those days at all. With the cup (and I'm not sure if this is medically responsible) I leave it in all day and I NEVER bleed through, ever. I honestly forget I'm on my period.

If you couldn't tell from the actual ranting I just did, I'm very passionate about this!

I just think they are so much more evolved than sticking what's basically a napkin up your vagina. Really though, how is that the BEST thing we've come up with?!

Bottom line: give it a go.

Your body will love you, your anxiety will love you, and the planet will thank you!!

Here's the link to Package Free Shop's Menstrual cups:

And if you're still not comfortable with the cup, check out these reusable pads!

Happy shark week ladies!!

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