Please Talk Me Out Of Buying This

Although my bank account has a reliable balance of $6.25 (screenshot provided for proof), I spent this fine Saturday afternoon browsing the internet for ways to spend the money I don't have.

Photo Credit: Kitty Hoffmann

While I was hunting for sustainably made workout shorts, I found the company Tentree, which I am now obsessed with. For every purchase you make, they will plant 10 trees on your behalf.

All of their products are made with the environment in mind, sourcing the most minimal impact fabrics and a goal to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

They even have a collection called "The Lorax Collection" I mean, COME ON, is this not my dream??

If you aren't my mom you can scroll down a bit.

Hi Mom ;)

Anyway, here is my dilemma.

I found this mystery bag on Tentree.

They have Women's and Men's Mystery Bags. They are 110 dollars (yoikes) but you get five items and they plant 50 TREES for you.

All you have to do is tell them your sizing and select the male or female mystery bag option.

I'm so tempted because they are high quality materials, made sustainably, and a lot of their stuff is really cool! Although, it's definitely a gamble because if they threw in that feather shirt (pictured above) I would be regretting the investment.

Side note: this is a great marketing idea. They can just add in their sale items or extra stock and still profit. Also- with the environment in mind, this is a great way to avoid clothing waste.

Anyway, you actually don't have to talk me out of buying this because I only have 6 dollars but I wanted to share anyway since it could be a cool gift idea or a good investment if you are looking for a bundle of "ethically crafted" clothing.

Here is the link to the Men's Mystery Bag:

Here is the link to the Women's Mystery Bag:

Check out their main website here:

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