Product Review: Albatross Razor

Happy Tuesday! Prepare yourself for another passionate product review...

Razors. Razors. Razors.

I have never had any luck with razors. The past 12 years have consisted of me driving to Target, buying a 12 dollar razor with two replaceable heads, and then using it only once before it is completely dull and useless.

I thought that that was just the way it was going to be. I figured the blades just couldn't face my averagely hairy legs with stamina. Oh, how I love to say that I was wrong.

As I've noted before, my environmental awareness has been a slow-paced journey. But it is products like the Albatross razor that really make me step-up my game and look for ways to be sustainable in other aspects of my life.

I bought my razor off of Package Free Shop (surprise, surprise)

There are two different options for this razor. The classic ($30) and the long ($40).

I went for the classic because it was on sale for 25 dollars on Black Friday. The "Classic" model is a bit shorter than the "Long" but I haven't had any problems maintaining my grip.

The razor is heavy and made entirely of stainless steel.

If only for aesthetics, this product looks so much nicer in my shower than all of that plastic junk I used to buy.

The first time I used it I scraped my leg badly because I didn't realize how sharp the blade was and I was still getting used to how to maneuver it. There is no pivoting head on this which would definitely be an asset as that makes for an easier shaving process.

There are plenty of more advanced razors on the market, I was just not feeling very picky and the 25 dollars worked with my budget.

The razor comes with 10 blades, each blade lasting about a month for me. These blades are by far better quality than the ones I have used in the past. They shave with ease and I rarely have to shave the same place twice because it finishes the job on the first pass.

They also have a blade send-back program where they will recycle the blades for you.

The stainless steel itself is 100 percent recyclable.

I would recommend this razor to anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of reusable razors. There are a variety of options on the market, plenty with more glam and higher function. However, this one is simple, cheap, and very efficient so I really do recommend to everyone. I bought my entire family their own for Christmas and I am hoping they have tried them out, although my expectations are low. Maybe when they really get into a pinch they will be forced to try it out and discover how much better reusable razors are.

In the future when I am rich and famous, I'm sure I will invest in a pivoting head. It is a luxury that I recommend if it is within your means!

Leaf Shave is also a great shop for plastic free shaving. They have an 84 dollar razor that tempts me everyday...

Happy shaving!


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