Product Review: Crush Brush Toothpaste

A household staple in America is a collection of half-used Colgate toothpaste containers flooding various bathroom drawers. And if it isn't, there was something seriously off about my family. I could pretty much expect that if I opened a cabinet there would be something resembling toothpaste to be found.

Maybe that is why it took me three full months to use my plastic-free alternative: Crush Brush Toothpaste. As I've noted in previous posts, I think that it is really important to go through what you have before you invest in alternatives. In October I was sure that I was ready to go with some zero-waste paste but over the next few months, half-used toothpaste would just keep showing up. Well, last night I squeezed out the last bit of toothpaste that I had and this morning I met my fateful hour.

Let me give you some background on toothpaste tablets if you are new to the scene. Toothpaste tablets are basically "candies" that you pop into your mouth, chew up, and then soak with water from your toothbrush. My container was $12.90 and has 80 tablets. So, if you are a good kid, 40 days of brushing. The container is glass and can be refilled with more tablets at your local zero-waste store or you can just repurpose it.

My personal experience was quite melodramatic. I think I was so hesitant because for my entire life, twenty-two years, I have been using the same Colgate toothpaste. First, bubblegum flavor and then once I no longer had to be tricked into brushing my teeth I switched to mint. This is definitely more detail than you need. Anyway.

I popped a tablet in, crushed it in my teeth, and then used my toothbrush to soak the powder and start brushing. The consistency was great and the powder was activated very quickly. The taste definitely tasted more like charcoal than mint which I did not like. Colgate has a very strong mint flavor, most likely the result of some artificial flavoring. I am sure there are zero-waste brands with stronger flavors and in Crush Brush's defense, I did buy the flavor called Mint Charcoal.

Luckily, if toothpaste tabs aren't your style, a lot of zero-waste stores offer paste that you can pack into your own containers! This one from Package Free Shop also looks pretty bouji so maybe I will test that out in 40 days and let you know!

Meanwhile, here is a link to Crush Brush tablets. If you try them out, let me know what you think.

Happy brushing!


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