Product Review: Marley's Monsters Cotton Facial Rounds

Updated: Feb 14

If you use cotton balls in your daily life, these cotton facial rounds are a must-have switch. I use a liquid exfoliator twice a day and these facial rounds are ideal.

This is one of those swaps where I genuinely feel like the sustainable version is the better product. Cotton balls don't feel amazing on the skin and definitely can't absorb or apply product as well as cotton rounds.

I purchased Marley's Monsters Cotton Facial Rounds from Package Free Shop:

They come in a pack of twenty 100% cotton cut-outs. Because I use them twice a day, they last ten days. When I am done using them I put them into a reusable zip lock bag and then after ten days I throw them into the washer with my laundry.

You can use a mason jar to keep them organized on your counter, or you can buy this wooden storage container from Package Free.

This can also be a very fun DIY project! The cotton rounds are really just two pieces of cotton fabric sewed together. If you have any old clothes or fabric scraps, this is an easy project. Let me know if you want a step-by-step guide to this!

The cotton rounds are 20 dollars (a dollar a round). I felt like that was a good deal for a pack of 20 but if you are looking to save money, they could be free to make at home.

Marley's Monsters offers a variety of pattern choices for the cotton rounds. Their online store is packed with zero-waste alternatives like unpaper towels, cloth napkins, and snack bags.

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