Product Review: The LastSwab

The LastSwab is a reusable cotton swab designed to eliminate the plastic waste of the more generic cotton swabs.

I ordered mine through Package Free Shop, a zero waste version of Amazon.

It honestly took me three and a half minutes to figure out how to open it. I really doubt anyone else will have this issue but just in case:

Rotate the case so that the hole is at the top. Then, put a finger on the indent at the bottom and push to the right. Again, I really think I am the only person who will not know how to open this.

Once the case is open you will find the Q-tip (cotton swab) inside. The tips have two different shapes, one is a rounded top and one side has a point. The material is really durable and works well as a makeup applicator. Rinsing it off is super easy and leaves it looking brand new. Just use hot water and soap by hand.

I really bought this because I use cotton swabs a lot for my ears. The LastSwab says not to use it for ears but I tried anyway because even Q-tips say don't use on ears. I'm not gonna lie, it grossed me out a lot, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the planet, so I gave it a shot.

It worked fine, nothing special, and definitely not as effective as Q-tips. After further investigation, I discovered you really aren't supposed to use cotton swabs for your ears. So I think I will just take this as a sign to stop. Although: if there is demand, there is definitely space for a zero-waste ear friendly cotton swab because the LastSwab doesn't cut it.

I'm not sure what else people use cotton swabs for but the LastSwab is decent and will definitely come in handy having around.

It also feels good to eliminate another form of waste. The production of cotton swabs utilizes natural resources and just like other single-use plastics, pollutes the Earth and endangers animals.

Photo by: Justin Hoffman

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